Everything on our site is free except for our predictions feature (we have to pay the bills too so support us!). SpreadTrends provides NFL picks each week of the 2016-2017 season with a Game Day pass. The picks that you get are the output of our computer prediction model. The math model is 100% objective and quantitative; it incorporates no subjective opinions or assumptions about teams, players, or matchups. Associated with every NFL pick is a confidence rating of 1 to 5 stars. These ratings are straight foward- the more stars shown, the higher confidence we have in that ATS pick.

What Your Game Day Pass Buys

 A pick for every game of the week ATS*

 A math based confidence rating on each pick

 Picks posted days before the weeks games

 Transparency around picks and their performance

 Progammatic access to our raw data via our API**

You Won't Get

 Pre-season picks

 Guaranteed winners

 Custom point spreads

 Totals (over/under) picks

 Guaranteed win percentage

The Details


    The 2015 season marked the fourth full season run of our TREND-SEARCH™ engine. Over that time our math model has turned out 53% winners while picking every game. When selecting home underdogs ATS the winning percentage has been 57%. NFL picks that carried the 4-star confidence ranking covered 67% of the time using our engine. Remember these picks are based purely on math, applying some of your own research on top of these picks will surely result in a very high win percentage in your football pool. One of the goals of SpreadTrends is to be transparent about what picks we are giving out and how they perform. Any website visitor can see pick performance on the Predictions page and all subscribers can see the upcoming NFL picks.


    NFL picks are posted for subscribers on the SpreadTrends.com website on the Predictions page. You can access picks instantly once you have logged in, and your order has been approved. Please note that an order may take up to 24 hours to be approved.


    SpreadTrends.com runs a time consuming algorithm on a computer to predict game winners. As a result it takes several days to complete the calculations and produce the predictions for a full week of games. Every effort will be made to have NFL picks posted by Wednesday at 6pm EDT. We ma choose to re-run the algorithm after the Thursday Night game and/or before the Monday Night game to take advantage of the very latest trends, so check back for possible updates on the picks.


    We offer programmer access to the raw data that we use for our trends through an Application Programming Interface (API). Our flexible API can be used to create your own interesting applications based on the latest NFL game data. For a complete list of the different operations that are available please refer to our API Documentation page. Please contact us if you're interested. After purchasing API Access you will be emailed a key that can be used on data requests. The key must be appended to each web request by adding the querystring parameter ApiKey=[YOUR_API_KEY_HERE] For example, to query a list of all games played in the 2013-2014 season you would make the following web request:


    If you do not have a valid API Key on your request you will be redirected to the login page. All NFL game stats are updated by Tuesday at 6pm EDT.