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Every season we provide top notch gambling advice for the pro football bettor. The goal of is to educate as well as entertain. We crunch game data to deliver a breakdown of each NFL team we call a TREND-REPORT™. With our free reports you can see the tendency of a team toward covering, or failing to cover, in key situations. Our reports are kept up to date with live data so you will always know where a team stands where it matters most- Against The Spread (ATS). The spread on a game is the number that the sportsbook manager thinks has the highest expected win for their business, consistent with the risk the manager manager is willing to accept. What that means, where possible, is setting the spreads in such a way as to earn a higher percentage on the best of those people who are going to bet on their team no matter what the odds. This site delivers the same information sportsbook managers have so that you can become a sharp bettor and find an edge. The handicapping reports presented on this site will get you ready for every NFL football game this season. Whether you bet with a sportsbook, participate in a weekly pool with your friends and colleagues, or you are simply doing research, you can use the valuable NFL point spread trends presented on this site to make informed NFL picks and increase your winnings. We also offer our own NFL picks based on our TREND-SEARCH™ math model which performs statistical analysis on past trends to predict future game winners ATS.

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Perry Marchant

This website offers a useful array of handicapping trends and reports catering to a wide-range of individuals interested in the game of American Football, from the serious office pool player to the college researcher. As an NFL fan, with a passion for statistics that can be leveraged to beat the point spread, my hope is that you’ll find this project interesting.